Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to answer some of your most common questions regarding Bowles and our activities, courses and birthday experiences.

If your question is regarding Learning and Development please see Bowles Learning & Development FAQ’s

Is there parking at Bowles?
Yes, there is free parking at Bowles. It is a short walk uphill to the site from the car park so allow yourself 5-10 minutes to get to the top of the Centre.
Is it possible to see what the weather is like before we visit Bowles?
There is a link on the home page to our local BBC weather station.
Do activities continue in the wet/snow?
Yes! As an Outdoor Centre, we continue in all weathers.
Are there age restrictions for outdoor activities at Bowles?
Most of our activities are aged 8 and above. However, for some activities like the high ropes its age 14+ and Lodge Ropes age 16+. We do however have beginners ski lessons age 6+ and we teach children in private ski lessons age 5+
Do you hire out your climbing or skiing equipment?
No – our equipment is only used by our instructors when teaching groups themselves.
Do you sell clothing, ropes etc?
No but the nearest shops are a short distance away, in Tunbridge Wells or Uckfield
How early should we arrive for a lesson?
10 minutes before is fine which gives you time to park and get to the appropriate place in the Centre.
I am bringing a child to a party at Bowles on Sunday, is there a cafe I can wait in for my child?
No but we have a room called The Cabin in which you will find hot and cold drinks & snack machines and bench tables and chairs for you to enjoy your own picnic. Also you are very welcome to picnic in the grounds.
We are planning a party, can we have more than 12 children - there are 15 in my child’s class?
Sorry, 12 is the maximum and that is dictated by industry safety standards.
What do we wear for an outdoor activity at Bowles?
That depends on the activity – but generally comfortable old clothing and gloves for the ski slopes. We will send you a recommended kit list at the time of booking.
I am learning to ski with Bowles, how many lessons before I can go to open practice?
Progress is dependent on the individual – so it is best to ask your instructor if you are ready.