Team Development – A Shared Experience

 Bowles programmes engage & encourage a ‘team experience’ from the outset, so that like an echo the impact resonates again and again, back in workplace.

Great team performance is inspired through opportunities to practise:

 A Learning Environment…

We like to think Bowles as a place where employees can open their minds and expand thinking… creating genuine value back in the workplace.

Our programmes offer a personalised mix of outdoor challenges and engaging discussion that display first hand-results from a ‘shared experience’. Individuals are encouraged to participate, contribute and feedback, in a manner that’s open & supported by the group, thus developing confidence in the team around them.

Methods of Facilitation


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"Bowles was the perfect place for us all to learn and do at the same time. We've all been saying to each other how much we learnt and how we are all going to take those learning's forward and apply them to our day to day work load."