Rock Climbing at Bowles Rocks


Bowles is one of the best climbing venues in the South East, with its south facing, quick drying sandstone and excellent access. Bowles has over 230 climbs up to 10m in height across the range of grades from 1a to 6c. Bowles is soft sandstone so special guidelines should be followed to look after the rock.

There are 2 main guidebooks to the area, the Jingo Wobbly guide is available in the Bowles office along with a Bowles pamphlet guide

Bowles is the only UK based outdoor centre with its own natural sandstone outcrop suitable for climbing. We use our extensive experience and copious enthusiasm to run rock climbing courses for all abilities and ages.

The rocks are accessible to climbers at all times at their discretion and as long as they have their own equipment, however, you might be asked to relocate along the crag if an organised session is taking place.


There is a charge of £5 per adult (£4 after 5pm) or £3 for children (under-16s). A season ticket is available for £32 per person and can be bought from the Bowles office.  We charge climbing instructors bringing groups to Bowles £5 per person, regardless of age.  This covers car parking, the use of our facilities and repair and maintenance of the rocks.  Any surplus goes to supporting our charitable work with young people.

Getting here

Bowles has easy access by road or from Eridge train station (with a short walk). There is a map here for walking and driving directions

Rock climbing courses and lessons

For beginners learning to climb, our instructors are very experienced and able to build your confidence and teach you ropework skills to get you to the stage where you can climb independently. Call us to book a lesson, 01892 665665.

For children we run climbing courses throughout most school holidays.

For instructed courses and lessons, we provide all equipment, except rock climbing shoes. Those climbing independently need to bring their own equipment.

Rock Climbing Top Tips

If you are new to climbing or finding your way outdoors, book a lesson with an instructor who will soon bring you up to speed.
You don’t need much gear to climb outside on sandstone, just a rope, two harnesses, some karabiners, a couple of slings and a belay device.
If you take to climbing, buy your own comfortable climbing shoes, they should be flexible and not painful.
Bowles is a great place to climb in the summer evenings, the car park is so close to the crag that you can get loads of climbs in a short time.
Bowles Rocks faces south – this makes it quick to dry after rain and a sun trap in the summer.
Check out the sandstone tips and the guide to the rocks for more info on climbing at Bowles.
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