Our 2014/15 Winter Season runs from November to March.

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Skiing at Bowles

Bowles is a stunning venue at which to learn to ski or snowboard. Our ski slopes offer a convenient and inexpensive way to learn the basics of skiing or snowboarding, or to practice, warm-up and prepare to get the most out of a winter sports holiday. We offer ski courses or ski lessons with experienced instructors to suit all abilities and ages.

Learning to ski or snowboard before a holiday is a great way of getting a head start. Instead of spending the first few days on the nursery slopes, learning to stop and turn, people who have taken lessons can be off, exploring the runs around their resort from day 1.

Our courses, private lessons and coached practice sessions are perfect for active people looking for a healthy, fun and rewarding outdoor activities. For both skiers and snowboarders, Bowles is an inspirational venue to get some exercise and fresh air, to meet new people or spend time with friends, practicing and improving their skills.

There are two kinds of dry slope at Bowles A beginners slope, shorter and made of snowflex and our main slope made from Dendix

Dendix is the most realistic. Comprised of thousands of bristles arranged in a hexagonal shape to reduce friction, Dendix is seen by many enthusiasts as the nearest thing to snow.

Snowflex, with its foam backing is softer and more forgiving and is ideal for the first few lessons and for more nervous learners. Bowles has two slopes, a Snowflex nursery slope and a longer, steeper Dendix one.

Age restrictions: Skiing 6 years+ & snowboarding 8 years+

Top Tips

Be confident! The beginners who pick up skiing or boarding quickest are the ones who can stay centrally balanced or with their chin up.
Learn with a professional
Don’t rush your learning. Some people are disappointed when their first lesson or two is about going slowly, not hurtling down in the slope in a straight line.

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