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Why do Schools and Colleges choose Bowles? Great outcomes, experienced instructors, a stunning venue, real rocks, real learning, excellent value for money and a personal touch.

Schools and colleges return to Bowles year after year because of the whole experience and the positive impact that our courses have on the children.  We strive to offer both quality and value for money. A course at Bowles benefits from a unique range of challenging outdoor activities, an inspirational setting, well designed facilities and most important of all, our dedicated, experienced and caring staff team.

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Outdoor learning in a beautiful venue

So much of life is now virtual, synthetic or theoretical that children can miss out on many things of real importance – real experiences, real activities, real relationships and real food.
At Bowles everything is real, we even have real rocks!


Adventurous Activities, Outdoor Learning and the National Curriculum

Outdoor and adventurous activities naturally lend themselves to delivering many of the curriculum areas and the personal development outcomes that are the most challenging to achieve in school. Outcomes such as personal and social development, self-awareness & self-confidence are the natural results of a residential experience away from home, all combined with mastery of challenging new outdoor activities.

Be amazed

Visiting staff and parents are regularly amazed by how young people change and grow in such a short time at Bowles. Learning to think creatively, to work with others, to believe in yourself and to apply yourself to new challenges are among the core themes at Bowles


The Key to Your Success – Staff, Experience, Facilities and a Commitment to Quality

Our experienced staff are the key to getting the most out of your school visit – making sure that young people learn and develop whilst having fun and staying safe. Our programmes work well with all age groups, from year six residential courses through to Colleges and Universities.
A child’s development at Bowles comes not just through the adventurous activities, but through learning to work as part of a team, communicating with others, assessing risks and making decisions for themselves. Our low staff ratios, small group sizes, and staff continuity mean that we can focus on bringing out the best in every young person.


Learning Outside the Classroom for Students and Teachers!

As signatories to the Manifesto for Learning Outside the Classroom, Bowles champions high quality learning outside of school for all young people. We also work with school staff and their management and leadership teams to help them create the best schools possible – developing exciting places to learn, with creative and challenging curricula and high performing staff teams. Inset days are excellent opportunities to inspire the school staff team at Bowles, full of activities and discussion, fuelled by our home cooked food.


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