GCSE PE groups

Bowles can work with you to assess your students for GCSE P.E. These courses can be run with a residential stay or as a number of one day courses  We have a detailed scheme of work based on the Edexcel syllabus and we can also cover the requirements of AQA and OCR. We have a guideline for the time needed to train and assess students although we can also offer just assessment sessions if experience has been gained elsewhere. Please contact us for details for the required session times for training and assessment sessions.

See below for an example programme. The activities we are able to train and assess are:

It is possible to grade one of these activities during a weekend or a 3 day residential. To cover multiple activities in sufficient detail will require a 5 day stay. We recommend a minimum number of hours to be spent on each activity in order for the students to gain a full understanding of the sport and therefore be able to perform well at assessment. Below is a list of our minimum recommendations and previous experience is highly beneficial for the learners;

Rock climbing – this will be done with 3 climbing sessions and a leap of faith session (8-9 hours)
Archery – this will require 3 sessions
(5-6 hours)
Orienteering – this will require 3 sessions
(8-9 hours)
Trekking – this will require 2 day exped
(2 days)
Kayaking – two pool sessions and day trip
(10 hours)

We can offer skiing however for the grading, students need to ski in a number of different areas (not just on Bowles’ dry slopes)

Example programme

Monday Arrival, settle in Boulder/Climb on Bowles Rocks Orienteering on-site at Bowles
Tuesday Rock climbing – Bowles Orienteering off site in a local woodland Canoeing in the pool
Wednesday Canoeing on the river or the coast High Ropes (rope work skills)
Thursday Orienteering competition Rock climbing and abseiling Skiing (personal challenge)
Friday Lodge Ropes (ropework/belaying) Departure – final assessments/paperwork + room checks.


We have worked with a  number of secondary schools providing ‘study camp’ weekends. The students stay in our accommodation and do some activities with our instructors. This is mixed in with study sessions provided by teaching staff using our classroom facilities. We find the the combination of outdoor activities and study/revision is very successful and achieves great results.

We can offer you an all inclusive study weekend, including all food, accommodation, use of classroom facilities and up-to 4 activity sessions (minimum of 2 self led study sessions) for between £109 per person and £182 per person depending upon the time of year. See below for an example programme:

Example programme

Friday Arrive from 5pm – settle into rooms Team Working
Saturday Study session with your teachers Rock Climbing Skiing
Sunday Study session with your teachers Raft build in the pool – Depart at 16.30
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