The downloads and links below will be helpful if you are looking to find out more about learning beyond your classroom. They provide hard evidence to back up a residential visit, or a school trip. Also a great starting point to broaden your pupils’ experience through the myriad resources in the big wide world.

Learning Away
Independent project and research on why residentials are essential part of the curriculum and how to make the most of your residential visit.

Learning Outside the Classroom
The organisation set up to promote the learning outside the classroom initiative and the lotc quality badge

Forest Schools Initiative
Forest schools are sweeping the nation and taking thousands of children into the woods to play and learn during in school time!

Institute for Outdoor Learning
CPD for outdoor practitioners.

Outdoor Education Advisors Panel
The body representing county Outdoor Education Advisors, sharing their collective wisdom.

Learning Through Landscapes
Make the most of the school grounds, inspire and learn, gardens, play areas, outdoor classrooms.

Learning Maths Outside the Classroom
I don’t blame them – sounds like a great idea.

Teaching Outside the Classroom
Placements for trainee teachers outside of schools.

OFTED’s 2008 Report into the Value of Learning Outside the Classroom
So it must be true. And if they ask why there are no children in school come inspection day – you know where to point them!


The final report of this 5 year initiative all about the benefits of residential visits for children. The conclusions are that residentials have a great impact…. but we knew that already!

  • Learning Away - Paul Hamlyn Foundation summary report
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    "We want to ensure that schools have the maximum freedom to teach in the way that they judge best, including Learning Outside the Classroom activities ... to increase school freedom ... unnecessary Health and Safety red tape ...  teachers' pay and conditions."  The Coalition Govt. 2011 - Transforming Education Outside the Classroom.  We'll see...